6th Chaos Rules the House

November 30, 2006

This is Ruby.

I met Ruby in foster-mom’s home about 6 months back. On impulse, I said I’d like to take her home. And now I did.

On my way to pick Ruby up this afternoon, I mentally prepared myself for the riot that is to start all over. The gang of five has just settled into a familiar routine and I am just beginning to enjoy the peace that I thought I’d never ever going to get back. So what the hell was I thinking, taking the 6th cat in? Then I tried to rationalize – well if Ruby proved to be a handful, I would have a legitimate excuse to return Ruby. Yeah I know, it is pitifully lame.

Ruby as it turned out is a marshmallow. Soft & mallow. Without resistance, she allowed herself to be put in a soft carrier where she sat quietly for the next 20 minutes while I try to locate a taxi. When we finally arrived home which was almost an hour later, she calmly stepped out of her carrier, explored the flat while Chaos just looked on. I think they are not DNA-ed for zen. After all, they are Chaos (even Wawa has her hissy moments with Carma every now & then!).

Ruby absolutely threw them off. Then again, a lot remains to be seen. This is only her first evening. But steady lah, girl!


Removing vocal cord?!

November 30, 2006

I was amused when I read this thread in the Singapore Cats MSN Forum.

Going by this logic, can I politely my neighbour if he should consider removing his baby’s vocal cords? After all, his baby does cause me many many sleepless nights & I am sure many neighbours’ as well. And we all have very important work to do the next day.

What the heck, why don’t we just demand the same treatment be metted out to screaming brats in shopping malls, supermarkets & cinemas?

But we don’t because it is wrong. If it is wrong to treat humans in such a way, why would it be right to treat animals such?

If animals can talk, I’m sure the first thing they’ll say is “Respect our rights!” At least the ones in Singapore.

Pet owners, ask yourself why you’d like to have a pet & be brutally honest in your answer. A pet is like a child. In fact your pet will always be a child. So unless you are prepared to be a parent to a child for the rest of its life, I suggest you stick your playtime to a stuffed toy.

A Tender Moment

November 26, 2006

A Tender Moment

A Busy Sunday

November 26, 2006

For the Duxton cats, that is.

This morning, I found Xiao Hei & Ah Hua in another confrontation. It is obvious to me now that Xiao Hei is a bully despite the popular belief that black cats are demure. She was clearly in Ah Hua’s territory & yet she tried to pick fight with Ah Hua. Ah Hua ran to me to hide behind my legs (clever girl).

Another face-off between Xiao Hei & Ah Hua

Spotted Ah Wang (above) again this morning although he walked away once he saw me whipping out my camera.

As I mentioned in my entry below, Tua Tao is finally warming up to me. He calmly allows me to take this snap shot & the video. What’s next, he lets me pat him?

Tua Tao has very small blue eyes & they are severely crossed. I think he is a Siamese-Cross.

Tua Tao the Big Brother

Tua Tao has assume the big brother role to Peanut & Sesame. They share their meals together & he watches after them.

He is also warming up towards me 🙂

Spotted 2 more males on Duxton this afternoon by the Auntie & me.

One was running after Patches (the elusive mother cat). We saw them from a distance & all I had with me was my mobile phone’s camera. Took the picture anyway but it wasn’t clear. When they saw us, they headed into the bushes on the left. Auntie thinks it is a male black cat.

Patches & Newbie heading into the bush … for some jiggy action? Uh oh we’re in trouble …

The other is a ginger male. Although he wouldn’t allow us to come too close, he doesn’t appear to be too afraid of humans. We called him Ah Wang (which means good fortune in Mandarin). Hopefully we have the good fortune to trap him soon.

Ah Wang taking a siesta under a car

It is strange that in the space of two months, we have had the Peanut & Sesame & their 2 other siblings (fortunately adopted), Tua Tao, Patches & now Newbie & Ah Wang. Judging from their behaviour except for the kittens they are all wary of humans so that ruled out dumping. But where did these cats come from?

On the home front, lately Beauty has been rather chill. She was even hospitable. Recently she changed her sleeping spot to the kitchen bathroom & this evening, I came home to find her sharing her space with Alex & Junior!

Miracle in the House of Chaos 🙂

Face of a Killer?

November 20, 2006

This article was featured on TIME’s 20 November 2006 issue. Singapore made the list! Shame.

Kiehl’s for Pets

November 19, 2006

I was given a Kiehl’s lipbalm a few months back but I only started using it a couple of days ago. Its great – as good as Vaseline – for cracked lips.

Anyway, I was checking Kiehl’s website & guess what? They have products for dogs with a posh price tag. A good webpage though.

Check it out .

By the way, according to Kiehl’s, they do not test nor have they ever tested their products on animals. Now I’m tempted to try their face lotions 🙂

The latest movie that got everyone talking is ‘Fast Food Nation’, directed by Richard Linklater. The movie was based on the book of the same name by Eric Schlosser.

The story is based on the world’s fascination with fast food & how the fast food industry changes our lives – diet, economy, workforce & culture.

The film provides strong visual impact. It shows the conditions of slaughterhouses where cows live & die. The climatic images of slaughter & butchery was actually filmed in an abattoir.

The aim of story is not meant to discourage consumers from ordering their next cheeseburger but to encourage them to make an informed decision the next time they order one.

“All beings tremble before violence.
All fear death. All love life.”

The Buddha