Came across this blog by chance. A poignant entry …

November 1, 2006

Came across this blog by chance. A poignant entry by a teacher relating her encounters with the senior citizens who fell between the cracks of our affluent society. Her entry reinforced Anita Kapoor’s article on 30 October.

I was further humbled when I read her entry. Some of these senior citizens survive on less than S$200 a month while I spend the same (& sometimes more) on Chaos. I feel so small & guilty right now.

However sitting here moaning & complaining is not going to change anything. Surely, there must be something I/we can do?


6 Responses to “Came across this blog by chance. A poignant entry …”

  1. calsifer said

    A poignant entry indeed. What do you plan to do?

  2. Cat said

    I’m not sure yet Calsifer but for starters, I resolve to be more mindful of my spending on the need-to-haves & the nice-to-haves 🙂

  3. KXBC said

    Nothing wrong with your spending $200/month on Chaos. Remember you are feeding 6 (?) mouths else they will be roaming the streets.

  4. calsifer said

    Good to watch the budget, but I agree with kxbc… you aren’t thinking of trimming CHAOS’ budget, are you? ;P

  5. Cat said

    KXBC & Calsifer – its not just the food that I spend on them.

    It is my ability to discern the necessary from the frills.

    Do they need to go to groomers every month? Sure, I can bathe myself but I had been very lazy. Esp Alex, so much hair, so much hassle – groan groan groan. But when the push comes to the shove, I know I’ll roll up my sleeves & do it.

    Can they not take human vitamins supplements instead of feline ones (which costs twice as much) – they are the same aren’t they? Can I not alter their dosage?

    Do they really care for new toys every month when all that entertains them is a straw & that dirty filthy toy rat which all 5 takes pleasure in whacking.

  6. calsifer said

    I empathise totally.

    We are scrooges, and it’s due to tiny paychecks. Even then, we’ve also gotten the resident ingrates any number of cat toys, which seem to entertain them less than a humble straw, a empty pocket tissue wrapper or a wire-tie. We also sacriface small soft toys – they do seem to enjoy batting those all over the place. The grubbier the soft toy, the more fixated they are with it. But the fishing rod thingies – those are worth it, almost every cat gets excited, every time (though we do watch out, and buy the ones with non-fur baits, given the cruelty of fur products of any kind).

    Baths are in-house service only, since grooming costs, and transport costs, and ours are all longkangers, so not much grooming needs. WE do dread bath time though – our rhitinitis run amok.

    Supplements – we gave up administering them to the ingrates, because its hard to feed piils to them, and they will starve rather than eat food laced with them. Now only the homeless mob outside get any supplements at all.

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