My good mate, Sharon’s newborn prince & her tortoiseshell Mivvy in London.


Someone I know picked up a stray kitten a couple of months back, took the kitten home to be her pet. That’s good news, I thought.

Since then, she has been complaining to me that her kitten is a psycho – hyper, disobedient, loves to scratch & bite. I reminded her kittens are LIKE THAT. Even after they grow out of their kitten cuteness they’ll still be hyper at least until they pass their 2nd year (Junior is now a year old & he is a Energiser Rabbit more than ever!). Disobedience – the IQ of the mature cat is equivalent to a 2 year old human child, so what more can we expect from a kitten. She needs to train the kitten & establish boundaries, simple as that. There is no magic pill. Even if there is, I really doubt she’ll pay for it.

I found out the kitten hasn’t had a vaccination since it came home, no vet check ups, no flea baths, no brushing. She said she’s busy “has no time”. The kitten feeds on Whiskers because “other brands are expensive”. I was dumbfounded by her remarks.

Taking a stray home & giving it a roof is not the end of it. She’s not doing any favours for the cat.

I am surprised by her lack of concern for her kitten’s welfare. Doesn’t she want to know if her kitten is healthy since the kitten was a stray? Isn’t she concern about fleas & mites the kitten may carry into her home? I give her the benefit of doubt she doesn’t know about hairballs & how food dye can ruin a cat’s kidneys. I explained the consequences, gave her an alternative supermarket brand that doesn’t contain food dye & hopefully she feeds something decent to the cat. Even gave her Beauty’s old hairbrush & told her specifically that she HAS to brush her kitten at least 3 times a week unless she wants her kitten to throw up hairball all over her sofa & bed.

Two days ago, she came to me & wanted to take another kitten in (don’t these people learn?!?!). She thinks her kitten is lonely & therefore is hyper & naughty. The only problem she foresees is she’s currently sharing her flat with 2 other expat roommates who will leave Singapore for good next year. She’s worried she maybe stuck with the cat. It is a valid concern, but why would she want to take a second cat in then? And what does she intend to do with the current one when her roommates leave for good? She hasn’t answered me yet.

I see a big UH-OH coming.