Alex & Junior My maiden attempt to capture my boys…

November 17, 2006

Alex & Junior

My maiden attempt to capture my boys on video 🙂


8 Responses to “Alex & Junior My maiden attempt to capture my boys…”

  1. calsifer said

    Welcome to vidland! 🙂 You’ve already gone one better than tec, we got no narration one. heh

    Alex looks like he’s into camoflage, but he’s such a sweetie!

    Congrats to Junior, that’s quite an artpiece there.

  2. cat_aunty said

    Sweet sweet Alex

  3. Kootoo and M&M said

    Lovely handiwork there, all respectable cat owners should have one at home.

  4. VeganCat said

    “Hi Alex, are you a model?”

    Such a far-cry from the scrawny untidy (hair matted with mites) “stray” that happened to be at the entrance of the carpark of Eton House.
    Was it 2 years ago “oredy”?

  5. Cat said

    Hi Vegancat, hardly. It was only a year plus. I remember I took him back last Aug.

    But it does feel like he’s here since the beginning… they all do 🙂

  6. Mary said

    Yeah, Alex definitely changed much. i still remember helping Phyllis with his bath, and he was so skinny and dirty. After the bathing when his towel was soaked in chlorine, i was shocked to see many tiny bugs crawling to the surface of the water. You did great with Alex, cat; he is so handsome and beautiful now.

  7. Cat said

    Thanks Mary 🙂

    I remembered he had fungal growth on his tail & bad ear mites infection as well.

    I ended cropping all his body hair & tail. I remember he looked like an NS boy 🙂

    Pity I didn’t have a camera then to pictures of him.

  8. Mary said

    This boy has suffered much and thanks to vegancat, phyllis, and yourself, he was given a new lease of life. Shame to his previous owner.

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