The latest movie that got everyone talking is ‘Fast Food Nation’, directed by Richard Linklater. The movie was based on the book of the same name by Eric Schlosser.

The story is based on the world’s fascination with fast food & how the fast food industry changes our lives – diet, economy, workforce & culture.

The film provides strong visual impact. It shows the conditions of slaughterhouses where cows live & die. The climatic images of slaughter & butchery was actually filmed in an abattoir.

The aim of story is not meant to discourage consumers from ordering their next cheeseburger but to encourage them to make an informed decision the next time they order one.

“All beings tremble before violence.
All fear death. All love life.”

The Buddha

Peanut & Sesame, the babies of Duxton are blossoming. They are actually pretty big for their age. Soon we can’t call them babies anymore.

Tua Tao (below video) is very friendly with them & auntie is worried that he may ‘take advantage’ of Peanut. Maybe he sees Peanut as his future mate – she is a pretty girl, afterall. 🙂

I told her not to worried, he is sterilised now, so he’s pretty much useless in that department. Although he will still think that he can ‘do the job’.

As long as Peanut is neutered before she reaches puberty, we are safe.

The kittens’ personalities are becoming more distinct.

Peanut is the social one, always ready for a pat while Sesame is more reserved. He reminds me very much of Wa-Wa. Maybe that’s just the personality of black cats. Quiet & demure.

He does look healthy, doesn’t he? Very glossy coat. He is a handsome cat.

Both kittens are scheduled for a vet visit around the Christmas period. Hopefully the vet will deem them old enough to be neutered. It shall be my christmas ‘present’ for them 😛

This is Ah Hua, the arch-enemy of Xiao Hei. Ah Hua is a gangster. Very fierce, almost unapproachable despite losing her mojo yonks ago. She’s been around almost as long as Xiao Hei & they’ve been enemies for who knows how long.

Like Mi-Ni, we suspect her tail was cut off.

When Ah Hua & Xiao Hei crosses path, it is A catfight. Spit, fangs, growls – hair raising moments.

But of late, Ah Hua has been friendly with me (after 3 years of remote feeding).

Something good does come out of patience.

Black & White Mother Cat

Another elusive cat. Have been trying to trap her for a while now but she’s always a step ahead of us.

Recently gave birth, looks like we have to leave her alone for the time being.

According to the auntie who works next door, she is the mother of Peanut & Sesame.

The Elusive Tua Tao

Recently neutered, now sporting a tipped ear, Tua Tao is still very camera-shy. However, he is friendly with Peanut & Sesame