Spotted 2 more males on Duxton this afternoon by the Auntie & me.

One was running after Patches (the elusive mother cat). We saw them from a distance & all I had with me was my mobile phone’s camera. Took the picture anyway but it wasn’t clear. When they saw us, they headed into the bushes on the left. Auntie thinks it is a male black cat.

Patches & Newbie heading into the bush … for some jiggy action? Uh oh we’re in trouble …

The other is a ginger male. Although he wouldn’t allow us to come too close, he doesn’t appear to be too afraid of humans. We called him Ah Wang (which means good fortune in Mandarin). Hopefully we have the good fortune to trap him soon.

Ah Wang taking a siesta under a car

It is strange that in the space of two months, we have had the Peanut & Sesame & their 2 other siblings (fortunately adopted), Tua Tao, Patches & now Newbie & Ah Wang. Judging from their behaviour except for the kittens they are all wary of humans so that ruled out dumping. But where did these cats come from?

On the home front, lately Beauty has been rather chill. She was even hospitable. Recently she changed her sleeping spot to the kitchen bathroom & this evening, I came home to find her sharing her space with Alex & Junior!

Miracle in the House of Chaos 🙂