A Busy Sunday

November 26, 2006

For the Duxton cats, that is.

This morning, I found Xiao Hei & Ah Hua in another confrontation. It is obvious to me now that Xiao Hei is a bully despite the popular belief that black cats are demure. She was clearly in Ah Hua’s territory & yet she tried to pick fight with Ah Hua. Ah Hua ran to me to hide behind my legs (clever girl).

Another face-off between Xiao Hei & Ah Hua

Spotted Ah Wang (above) again this morning although he walked away once he saw me whipping out my camera.

As I mentioned in my entry below, Tua Tao is finally warming up to me. He calmly allows me to take this snap shot & the video. What’s next, he lets me pat him?

Tua Tao has very small blue eyes & they are severely crossed. I think he is a Siamese-Cross.


One Response to “A Busy Sunday”

  1. Cat said

    Cat_Aunty – I think Tua Tao is the alpha male on our street. When he used to caterwaul, it was so loud that he frightened my receptionist 🙂

    But something tells me he longs to be loved. He wants to trust us but he doesn’t dare.

    Maybe I’m just silly. But I’m glad he came here & now he belong to the siblings’ circle.

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