6th Chaos Rules the House

November 30, 2006

This is Ruby.

I met Ruby in foster-mom’s home about 6 months back. On impulse, I said I’d like to take her home. And now I did.

On my way to pick Ruby up this afternoon, I mentally prepared myself for the riot that is to start all over. The gang of five has just settled into a familiar routine and I am just beginning to enjoy the peace that I thought I’d never ever going to get back. So what the hell was I thinking, taking the 6th cat in? Then I tried to rationalize – well if Ruby proved to be a handful, I would have a legitimate excuse to return Ruby. Yeah I know, it is pitifully lame.

Ruby as it turned out is a marshmallow. Soft & mallow. Without resistance, she allowed herself to be put in a soft carrier where she sat quietly for the next 20 minutes while I try to locate a taxi. When we finally arrived home which was almost an hour later, she calmly stepped out of her carrier, explored the flat while Chaos just looked on. I think they are not DNA-ed for zen. After all, they are Chaos (even Wawa has her hissy moments with Carma every now & then!).

Ruby absolutely threw them off. Then again, a lot remains to be seen. This is only her first evening. But steady lah, girl!


7 Responses to “6th Chaos Rules the House”

  1. vegancat said

    As AB always says..the future is uncertain..so why worry..just enjoy the rides of life…roller coaster..wee!!!

  2. vegancat said


    In combination with silver, this would produce tortoiseshell markings on a silvery background e.g. black-silver (black markings on pale grey) and red-silver patches; though such combinations are not common.

  3. cat_aunty said

    Hmmm she has very unusual colorings, especially that big black round patch on her neck. All the best, Ruby!!

  4. Cat said

    Yes Cat_Aunty, her coloring is very unusual. She has more than 3 colors – the usual calico brown, black & a little white but she is mostly covered in an orangy-beigy coat.

    Temperament wise – ace!

    Chaos would soon be Order. 🙂

  5. Mary said

    Ruby is beautiful and seems very confident. She is one cool cat. Dun worry, Chaos will be in order.

  6. KXBC said

    She’s cute and a little tubby. Good for hugs and tummy rubs. 🙂

  7. auntie p said

    Ooh…you’ve got number 6! Will look forward to reading about her. 🙂

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