Removing vocal cord?!

November 30, 2006

I was amused when I read this thread in the Singapore Cats MSN Forum.

Going by this logic, can I politely my neighbour if he should consider removing his baby’s vocal cords? After all, his baby does cause me many many sleepless nights & I am sure many neighbours’ as well. And we all have very important work to do the next day.

What the heck, why don’t we just demand the same treatment be metted out to screaming brats in shopping malls, supermarkets & cinemas?

But we don’t because it is wrong. If it is wrong to treat humans in such a way, why would it be right to treat animals such?

If animals can talk, I’m sure the first thing they’ll say is “Respect our rights!” At least the ones in Singapore.

Pet owners, ask yourself why you’d like to have a pet & be brutally honest in your answer. A pet is like a child. In fact your pet will always be a child. So unless you are prepared to be a parent to a child for the rest of its life, I suggest you stick your playtime to a stuffed toy.


6 Responses to “Removing vocal cord?!”

  1. Mary said

    Yes, i am surpised such adopter exist.

  2. Anonymous said

    As usual, Mary’s naiviety is amazing 🙂

  3. Mary said

    Do i know you anonymous? It’s amazing you know so much about me?

  4. Cat said

    Dear Anonymous, if you have a constructive criticism, by all means.

    But please do not criticise just for the sake of it.


  5. Mary said

    It’s ok Cat, i was just wondering if i do know ‘Anonymous’. To be naive can be a good thing, it simply means i m simple and i am. And i have to repeat again, i am truly surprise such adopter do exist. When we adopt our animals, it’s because we want to provide and care for them, we want to love and protect them. We will accept them for what they are because they are part of us. Cats communicate by meowing; different tone, different pitch and i think they are very ‘musical’. For someone to consider removing vocal cord of their charge; how normal can that be? That is why i said i am surprise.

  6. auntie p said

    Some dog owners “disable” their dog’s vocal chords, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of someone wanting to do it to their pet cat. Tsk, tsk…

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