Ruby is a precious. On Thursday when I took Ruby …

December 2, 2006

Ruby is a precious.

On Thursday when I took Ruby home, I knowMei Mei (foster-mom’s helper) was sad. She was telling me what a great girl Ruby is, how obedient she is & how easy it is to bathe her.

I was a little skeptical on the last bit. Bathing domestic shorthairs can be a challenge even if they were trained since kitten. Beauty, Carma & Wawa never did enjoy their bath time. They would wail so loud I bet my neighbours think I was skinning cats.

Junior is an exception. He loves water & he loves to play in his bathtub. I enjoy bathing Junior although it usually takes a lot longer because he moves & splashes about so much.

Bathing Ruby is like taking a walk in the park. She stood still while I rinse, soap & dry her.

She is starting to explore more of the flat & interacting with Chaos a little. The Chaos are still wary of her. Beauty for all her bravado didn’t know what to make of this new girl who is not afraid to stand up to her.

Chaos fun is just beginning 🙂


13 Responses to “Ruby is a precious. On Thursday when I took Ruby …”

  1. cat_aunty said

    Why was Meimei sad?

  2. Cat said

    Mei Mei has been taking care of Ruby since day 1 when Ruby was brought to foster mom. She has formed a bond with Ruby so naturally she is sad but she was very happy when I showed her the video & photos of Ruby.

  3. CatDonna & Cats said

    Oh ho ho! The empire expands. 🙂

    Interesting that Ruby seems quiet and laidback. What I’ve experienced from tortoiseshells and calicos is that they’re very vocal and “assertive” ie bossy. Keep us updated!

  4. Mary said

    How sweet! She is truly a gems like her name RUBY. Good girl Ruby.

  5. Cat said

    Mary, Ruby’s nickname is actually Precious. 🙂

    Catdonna, you are right. Just look at Beauty who thinks she’s the boss of the household. 🙂

  6. Mary said

    Don’t mind me asking cat; what is Ruby’s history? Was she abandoned?

  7. Cat said

    Mary, I’m not sure about her history. But I’m pretty positive she was raised by humans. She is very trusting.

    She is toothless by the way. Not sure why her teeth are extracted but she appears to be very healthy & she adapts pretty. She eats her kitty biscuits & wet food like the rest.

  8. Mary said

    Oh dear, without tooth. She is lucky to have you, take good care of her – i know you will.

  9. cat_aunty said

    TOOTHLESS!!!! How old is she?

  10. Cat said

    Cat_Aunty – she’s estimated to be 3-4 years old. Quite young.

    But so far her toothlessness has not stopped her eating her biscuits & tuna. 🙂

  11. m said

    With my limited experiences with cats, I have not known many who allow themselves to be bathed without putting up a fight!

    I rub my cats down with a warm clothe but I don’t put them in water to bathe them (like bathing a dog or a child.) The fight is not worth it and they can lick themselves clean most of the time.

  12. auntie p said

    m, in my experience with several community cats, I find most of them tolerant of bathing (as in a tub of very warm water or using the shower head). That doesn’t mean they like bathing, and some may wail and try to escape. At times, I did get scratched during the bath, but it was by accident and not intentional.

  13. m said

    (-: Thank you Auntie P…

    I will tell Leif and Bonita what you said when I try to bath them.

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