She’s Not Just My Cat

December 6, 2006

Remember this lady?

She came to me this morning to complain that her kitten is stupid. Apparently, her kitten found her way up the cupboard & can’t come down. Nothing unusual about that. Definitely not stupid & I said so to her.

I asked again about the vet visit. As expected, she hasn’t done anything yet. She was in fact, quite defensive when I reminded her that she is responsible for her kitten’s wellbeing.

Her retort was “for the record, she is not just my cat. She belongs to all 3 of us. I don’t see why I should be the one to take her to the vet. The agreement we have is, my roommates pay for the food & litter & I pay for the toys.”

“Erh, what about vet? Cats do fall sick you know?”

“Well we haven’t figure that one out yet.”

For a second, I didn’t know what to make of that answer. I asked, “if all 3 of you love her as much as you said you do, then does it matter who takes her to the vet? You can split the bill three ways right?”

“I suppose so, let me have a think” was her answer.

I took a deep breath & walked away. I can’t possibly answer her without slapping her.


8 Responses to “She’s Not Just My Cat”

  1. veganmeow said

    Looks like she has already tired of her new toy…but there is still hope that in time at least one of them will grow to love the kitten and take responsibility. Sadly, there are many others like her.

  2. cat_aunty said


    Maybe you will let me help slap her?

  3. Cat said

    Hahaha – thanks Cat_Aunty.

    Those were my EXACT thoughts but I didn’t dare offend her for fear she will throw the cat out or worse shut me out for good.

    Veganmeow – it is unlikely her roommies will care too much for the cat either. They will leave Spore for good next year.

    That’s why I am trying my best to hold my tongue & temper – all for the sake of the cat. That in event if they changed their mind or gets tired of their ‘toy’, she will turn to me to help her dispose the toy rather than just throwing it out on the streets.

    You are right – owners like her are plenty *sigh*

  4. the letter b said

    she should thank her lucky stars that it wasn’t me she’s dealing with or i’d ask her which f*ckhole she emerged from. is she local? no, if staying with expats, some asian expat?

  5. m said

    Hi Cat

    I can so relate. There is a woman at work who told me she “couldn’t afford” to take her cat to the vet even though the kitty is pooping on the floor and there are visible worms in the poop. Tonight as this woman was leaving work I saw the expensive new handbag she just bought.

    I was speechless. It breaks my heart that there are so many animals out there who have lousy owners.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog about Bonita. We are having a cold streak here so I am waiting for it to warm up then I am taking her back to the vet. Since she is healthy in all other ways, I don’t want to stress her out with the close to zero temperatures.

  6. Cat said

    Yes M, it is hearbreaking.

    She won’t invest in a carrier not even a basic one. She feeds her cat inferior quality food. And it is not that she cannot afford these items, she goes clubbing three times a week for goodness sake, so obviously she is financially ok.

    She is just a cheapskate when it comes her cat.

    She has the audacity to ask me if she can carry her cat in a plastic bag instead of a carrier to the vet. That’s why I am so mad & sad for her cat.

  7. KXBC said

    Maybe it’s better that she and her mates get sick of the kitten now. Kittens have a higher chance of being adopted. One year from now when they leave, the cat will be too grown up and me thinks they will never bring it back home with them and chances of it being abandoned and to fend for itself is very very high.

    Slap her and make her adopt out the kitten now rather than later. That’s my personal view. Me thinks this kind of person will never take responsibility for anything.

  8. Cat said

    Hi KXBC, I guess I should have a serious conversation with her. She shouldn’t treat an animal with such careless & selfish disregard.

    I’ll let her know that there are options if she changes her mind of keeping the cat & she can come to me for help on this.

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