Tua Tao’s Skin Problems are Getting Worse

December 15, 2006

Spotted Tua Tao this morning & his skin problems are becoming worse. And he won’t let anyone of us treat him. Arrgh!
Tua Tao’s back

Tua Tao’s left side


8 Responses to “Tua Tao’s Skin Problems are Getting Worse”

  1. cat_aunty said

    Oh no….use a dart gun?

  2. Wildrun said

    Do you have mange there? Could you put ivermectin in some wet food if mange is a possibility?

  3. cat_aunty said

    BTW how is Ruby?

  4. Cat said

    Hi Wildrun, he is the only stray with this problem so I doubt it is mange. I’d really like to trap him to get him to vet for an examination. Meanwhile, I am feeding him a better quality cat kibbles.

    Cat_Aunty, Ruby is well now thank you. I will give an update on Ruby soon.

  5. vegancat said

    The skin looks bad. Vincent has two traps with him now, one from me and one from Carol. Ask Vincent to pass you one so that you can try and trap him anytime when the opportunity arises. Needs a vet to look at the skin scrapping. Could be mites.

  6. KXBC said

    This looks very bad. You’ve got to trap him fast and send him to the vet. I’m just afraid an “overly concerned” resident may just complain and TT will be caught.

  7. Cat said

    Thanks guys, will try to get Vincent to go over in the next few days to trap him. The last time when we sterilised him, we had to use the net because he resisted the trap.

  8. CatDonna & Cats said

    My god, that looks awful. All best with trapping and do keep us updated.

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