Looking back, 2006 has been an eventful one for th…

December 19, 2006

Looking back, 2006 has been an eventful one for the Chaos & I.

Fudge was diagnosed FIP positive. Abby (my part time help) & I took turns taking care of her.

She passed away 2 weeks later, to be exact, in the early hours on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. We were devastated but Alex took the worse hit. Fudge was a daughter to him. Abby too, cried for she loved Fudge very much.

Carma came home for the 2nd time. She joined the Chaos household sametime last year but she was returned to foster mom shortly because Beauty was big bad bully then. Poor Carma was badly traumatized. Carma’s second homecoming was a lot less traumatic however she wasn’t the most popular Chaos. This time, her arch enemy was Dim Sum. They hate one another.

But now, Carma has moved on and she has fully integrated into the household. She has formed firm friendship with Alex, Junior & Ruby.

Sanji Junior became the fifth addition. The youngest of the Chaos, Junior is boisterous and ever so full of curiosity which constantly gets him into trouble with Beauty. He & Alex clicked instantly & Junior became Alex’s little baby.

Now Junior has grown into a robust & rebellious young adult. Yes, he IS rebellious, he talks back when I scold him & bite me when I discipline him.

Sometimes when I look at him, I can’t help but wonder if Fudge would have been as naughty & lovable as Junior that if she had survived.

I became a vegetarian. It wasn’t painful or difficult although I did (& still do) falter time to time.

But it is painful having explain time & time again to people what being a vegetarian means.

Dim Sum was diagnosed FIP positive as well. She passed away three weeks later.

It was a very difficult period for us. I decided to care for Dim Sum myself & I finally knew what helplessness is.

Watching her dying & powerless to do anything for her was simply painful. I would gladly give up all that I have if that can make her better. But alas, it was not to be.

I still miss Dim Sum. I hope she is reborn now as human baby somewhere, to a wonderful family who loves her very much.

Dawa (nickname Wawa) became the latest member. Wawa reminds me of Dim Sum. Both quiet & hates Carma with a passion.

Junior & Wawa are partners in crime. The duo loves dashing through the house, breaking things along their way & sending Beauty into a fit.

Although her photos are few but she is really gorgeous. I was never a black cat fan until Wawa came into my life. And I love her quiet, unintrusive nature.

4 kittens was found near my office. 2 black, 1 tuxedo & 1 tortoiseshell. One of the black & the tuxedo were adopted the same day that they were discovered by a very nice lady who works in one of the offices near mine.

The remaining 2 are named Sesame (a black boy) & Peanut (tortoiseshell). They became an instant hit with everyone. Overnight, we found ourselves fretting over them & they are flourishing under everyone’s love & care. Peanut was sterilized last week (courtesy of my office neighbour). I will sponsor Sesame’s next month.

First sighting of Tua Tao, the alpha male stray. His was a difficult trapping. He put up a good fight but eventually Vincent managed to get him into the cage & off to the vet he went for a snip-snip.

Tua Tao has terrible skin problems. He needs medical attention. We are trying to trap him. Hopefully the weather improves soon & we’ll be able to do so.

Ruby is the last & final of Chaos.

Ruby is a puppy. She follows me around the house like a puppy dog minus the yapping. She is very quiet like Wawa & well-behaved. At the same time, she made it known that she’s nobody’s doormat. She doesn’t tolerate any nonsense from any of the Chaos, including Beauty.

She is perfect ending to the Chaos membership.

What else? It’s the holidays! Time to shift life back to the first gear, take things slow and enjoy the Chaos at home.

Happy Holidays!


6 Responses to “Looking back, 2006 has been an eventful one for th…”

  1. Mary said

    You have achieved much for year 2006; give yourself a clap and pray for a better year in 2007. i wish Chaos good health and yourself – ever flowing compassion, love and wisdom.

  2. calsifer said

    Way to go, Cat!

    May CHAOS, Peanut, Sesame, Tua Tau and everybody have peace and health for ever.

    And may there be more vegetarian choices for us all 😀

  3. veganmeowhttp://meowies.multiply.com said

    Have a Happy Holiday! May next year be much smoother and all Chaos live a long and healthy life.

  4. vegancat said

    Yes indeed a very cat-ful year with heaps and heaps of positive energy generated. And thank you for taking some of the chaos off me 🙂

  5. Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said

    Sounds catastic 🙂 May you and the Chaos gang be surrounded by love and peace always …

  6. Cat said

    Thank you all for your well wishes.

    May all your moments with your furry & non-furry loved ones be filled with much happiness & warmth.

    May our strays be safe from the evil cluthes of the pest controls, town councils & the AVA.


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