I was lying awake in bed for most part of last nig…

December 20, 2006

I was lying awake in bed for most part of last night, wondering if my babies are doing alright despite the unrelenting heavy downpour. Wondering if Tua Tao’s problems are aggravated by the damp.

Then I remembered Vegancat’s recent blog entry on the Four Immeasurables. I recited to myself but it didn’t calm my anxiety. When the dawn broke, I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I made my way to the office. To my relief, the trio couldn’t be better although the babies are little damp. And then I kicked myself for cancelling Tua Tao’s trapping session.

Vincent & I agreed to trap Tua Tao today but given the downpour, I decided to abort the mission last evening until the weather improves. And this morning, the sun was shining & the birds were singing & I was kicking myself hard. Dang!

Apart from beating myself up, I managed to take a couple of pictures of Tua Tao. I don’t know if his condition has improved or deterioriated. Now he has scabs on his back which wasn’t there a week ago.
As for the babies, Peanut now sports a tipped ear. Hopefully this will keep her safe for a long long time.

I am a woman hear me RWOAR!!!!

I guess I can’t call her a baby anymore. She’s young lady now. 🙂


4 Responses to “I was lying awake in bed for most part of last nig…”

  1. Justin said

    Poor Tua Tao! I hope she is well now. May all the pets are fine n safe in this celebration time!

    merry xmas to ya all

    God bless

  2. M said

    You have such a compassionate heart! I aspire to be like you.

  3. M said

    PS Good luck (-:

  4. auntie p said

    Poor Tua Tao, I really hope he would come to you to be treated, for his own good.

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