The Straits Times today reported that there will b…

December 23, 2006

The Straits Times today reported that there will be heavy downpour over Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

The Auntie & I decided to put up a make shift home for the kittens & the cats.

It’s not much, but given the resources we have, this will have to do. At least, their kibbles will kept dry, sheltered from the rain. And they will have something decent to eat over the long weekend.

While we’re putting up the make shift shelter, two almost forgotten cats came by – Ah Wang & B&W.

Ah Wang was watching us put up the shelter. But he ran away when I tried to take better picture of him.

B&W appears to be still lactating. Her nipples are swollen but we couldn’t find any kittens. The Auntie told me she had not once seen B&W’s kittens either. B&W is said to have given birth sometime in November. She was rumoured to be Peanut & Sesame’s mother. She too, ran away when I tried to come closer.

I think I really need to borrow a trap from Vincent & teach the Auntie to trap cats as she sights them more often than I do.

As for Tua Tao, I haven’t seen him since Wednesday. I went back to office every morning hoping to see him but no such luck. I spoke to Phyllis on Wednesday after I fed Tua Tao, hoping to seek her opinion on what supplements & food would be good for his condition. Phyllis suspects Tua Tao’s problem may not be as simple as mites & fleas. She suspects it could be a liver or kidney related problem. So she recommended that I take him off dry food & put him on canned chicken, supplemented with transfer factor & cod liver oil.

I have read that cod liver oil is good for the skin but apparently it is also good for the liver & kidneys. Transfer factor is a holistic supplement. It is made of cow colustrum, shitake mushrooms & other stuff. It is said that it be a immunity booster. The scientific benefits of transfer factor remains to be seen (when Alex was diagnosed with FIV +ve, the first vet I saw recommended transfer factor). But I am (or rather Tua Tao is) a desperate man clutching straws right now. Not the time to be a skeptic.

So yesterday, I gave the Auntie cans of chicken, capsules of transfer factor & cod liver oil. This morning, she told me Tua Tao cleaned up a whole can of food with supplements. So that’s good. At least he’s not picky about what he eats.

I haven’t given up on catching him. I’d still like to get him to the vet but now, I feel better that he has nutritious food that is good for him.


7 Responses to “The Straits Times today reported that there will b…”

  1. auntie p said

    Hi Cat, where can one get Transfer Factor? I assume it’s a brand of cat food. I would like to try it on Jon Jon who has kidney problems. Thanks.

  2. Chuck said

    I love your blog. It’s very infomative about crazy cats

  3. Cat said

    Hi Auntie P, you can buy them through multi-tier marketing such a 4Life or GNC (although 4Life claims theirs to be the most superior). ARC also sells them & rebranded them as specially made for cats – Feline Transfer Factor.

    4Life & GNC’s come in the form of capsules whereas ARC’s come in the form of powder.

    Have you tried cod liver oil for Jon Jon?

  4. Anonymous said

    ARC also “rebrands” a Solid Gold Holisthic dog food for skin problem as “prescription special food” for dogs with skin allergies. It “pays” or rather “saves” to look at the content label on the so-called prescription food or even health supplements prescribed by ARC and look for them at pet shops or GNC where they are much cheaper.

  5. auntie p said

    My neighbour will add cod liver oil to JJ’s food. She is feeding JJ his main meals, as she has to bluff him into taking the antibiotics tablet or hide it within the food. I try not to spoil JJ’s appetite until then, but he does come to me for kibbles.

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