I have a hunch Ruby either had a strict owner or …

December 28, 2006

I have a hunch Ruby either had a strict owner or she was abused before. But I could be wrong.

Last evening Ruby started a scuffle with Wawa despite my repeated warnings. The scuffle ended with Wawa screaming & she fell off the top of the fridge. Wawa never meows or purrs. She does make a sound, it will only be screams.

Anyway, I was going to spank Ruby for being naughty. The second she saw my raised hand, she cowered. All my Chaos either dodge or run away to hide but they never cower.

I ended up spending another fifteen minutes coddling her to calm her down.


7 Responses to “I have a hunch Ruby either had a strict owner or …”

  1. calsifer said

    Seems likely Ruby associates a raised hand with pain. Rheilly, whom we brought home only in Mar this year, spent all 4 years of her life as homeless cat. When she sees a broom and a span, she literally spooks and run for cover – probably the cleaners in her old haunt shooed cats with them.

    Usually it is my mum who holds these items since she sweeps the floor in the morning after we leave the house for work. Rheilly is especially wary of her, hissing and swiping at her and then running away… even though Grammy is the one who serves breakfast and sometimes dinner!

    Now, six months later, Rheilly is less scared of “person holding broom and span”, but she does still hiss and swipe at Grammy on occassion 😦

    Thank goodness for Ruby that she has you.

  2. Cat said

    Yes Calsifer, it is our good karma that Ruby & my path has crossed.

    I agree that it will take time & patience to convince her that I’m here to love & protect her & not to harm her. At same time, I’ll have to think of another way to discipline her.

  3. Mary said

    Don’t use your hand cat; use a rolled newspaper or a cane; don’t have to really smack her; just let her associate these items as tools for her punishment. i have the same problem with Kitty and Terry the dog when they returned home; they viewed the hand as some form of punishment.

  4. Cat said

    Thanks Mary. I don’t actually smack Chaos, its usually a tap on their rump. Ruby cowers at any elevated object above her eye level.

    So I am starting to use voice projection & my forefinger to point or use my foot to block but all at her eye level or below.

  5. KXBC said

    Sometimes I will still smack their fat butt but what I find really works and is very intimadating to them is to press down their head slightly with a finger or two and tell them sternly not to repeat the same deed. I see Mother Cat doing the same thing to her kittens too when they get too rowdy.

  6. cat_aunty said

    Then won’t Wawa be confused? Like, Ruby was the naughty one but she got the cuddles?? ;-P

  7. Cat said

    Haha Cat_Aunty. Let’s put it this way, Wawa hasn’t shown any signs of jealousy yet 😉

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