I wondered how is Tua Tao today. The rain & the co…

December 28, 2006

I wondered how is Tua Tao today. The rain & the cold wind is back again. The poor fella has only half a body of hair, I reckon he must be feeling colder than the rest. I hope he seeks the warmth of the kittens & a decent shelter somewhere …

I went back to see him yesterday and the Auntie said Tua Tao dislikes the Transfer Factor now & he wouldn’t touch his food if she adds the supplement. So she stopped adding it to his food. Thankfully, he seems to like the cod liver oil.

I didn’t take any pictures of him yesterday but the colour of his skin on his left side appeared a little tan now. I hope this means his skin is healing.

I know I have only mentioned in passing other cats in my area and focussed my attention on Tua Tao & the kittens. Xiao Hei & Ah Hua are very popular cats. Everyone dotes both of them. Elusive cats like Ah Wang comes & goes.

The kittens are growing up & out of their cuteness. The neighbours are starting to see them as another black cat & an ugly face tortoiseshell. Tua Tao is worse. Everyone finds him dirty, ugly & fierce. He is an outcaste, shooed away by everyone.

Just last week, a colleague was chatting with me on the phone & the cats came up. She made a remark that made me cringed. “I just realised Sesame has a mid-length tail. That spoils the whole ‘look’. A black cat should have a perfect long tail. And I can’t stand Tua Tao. He is so ugly & dirty. I don’t understand why you would go through all these trouble for such a cat. He won’t even let you touch him!”

It saddens me very much when I hear such ugly comments. At the same time I know it is futile explaining anything at all to someone like her. Sadly, there are many more like her in this world.


10 Responses to “I wondered how is Tua Tao today. The rain & the co…”

  1. calsifer said

    GRRR! Stupid bimbo!

    Poor Tua Tao. I wonder if his problem may be mites and nutrition related. Rheilly used to be naked in the thigh, belly and private areas, and they used to look very sore. But when we started being the main feeders for her area, before we brought her home, her condition improved dramatically – fur started growing back and her skin was healthy pink, instead of sore-red. Then during the examination before we brought her home, the vet diagnosed her as mites-ridden. After the regular baths as the vet recommended, her fur grew back, except for her belly, which is still a bit sparse… and seem determined to stay that way.

    Can you add Vit E to his food? Vit E is good for skin and furcoat. GNC sells it in gel capsules so you can give it to him the same way you’re giving the cod liver oil.

    BTW, I also wonder if his problem may be related to his colour. We used to have a big fierce male around here, he was white and had though his problem did not look as serious as Tua Tao’s, it looked like a similiar condition.

  2. Cat said

    Hi Calsifer, good idea. I will add Vit E as well.

    Now that you’ve mentioned, quite a few white cats I have come across do suffer skin problems. Maybe it could also be colour related problem …

  3. cat_aunty said

    There was a Holocaust because of all these obsessions of getting the “perfect” look, the “clean” “blond” “handsome” Aryan appearance.

    Ask her to think about it.

  4. Mary said

    Hey cat, don’t feel discourage; we know why you did what you did – it simply means you have a good heart; your colleague are just plain ignorant and naive.

  5. Cat said

    Hi Cat_Aunty, the sad fact is, people gets indignant when discrimination is practiced on them. But the same people think it is alright to practice such discrimination on others especially animals.

  6. auntie p said

    Aiya, my exact sentiments! I had just posted about a somewhat similar experience on my blog. 😦

    Come help me answer, pls.

  7. KXBC said

    My CC has similar fur loss as TT. And CC is a house cat. 😦 But he is getting better slowly. Very slowly.

    Regarding the Vit E, how do you feed it? And can I use the Vita Health brand one?

  8. Cat said

    Hi KXBC, I just bought Vit E today from GNC. I’m going to pound it to powder & feed him about 1 quarter teaspoon a day for now.

    I’m not sure about the brands but I always buy GNC’s. Somewhere I have the impression that they sell a better grade supplements than others. I could be totally wrong.

  9. KXBC said

    Thanks. GNC products are really priced way above the other brands and the problem is, I do not know if they are really better.

    My Vit E (400 IU) is in those capsule form like cod liver oil. Maybe I can just pierce the capsule and squirt it into its mouth.

  10. Cat said

    Hi KXBC, I was told was the grade of ingredients used was more superior. The boss who owns GNC used to work for another local well-known brand & she discovered that they use inferior grades. That’s why she left & started GNC. How true this story is, I don’t know.

    For the capsules I punch a hole with a fork & squirt into their wet food.

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