Litterbugs Litterbugs Shame on You!

December 31, 2006

This was taken with my camera phone. The rubbish bin is less than 10 steps from the lift & yet this is where some people prefer to dump their rubbish!


2 Responses to “Litterbugs Litterbugs Shame on You!”

  1. veganmeow said

    In my feeding area I observed an old man picking up litter from the floor within the area of 2 blocks, even tiny bits of paper and leaves…I smiled at him and thanked him for what he is doing.

  2. vegancat said

    I think most of us who really care for cats also care for our environment. Sometimes I do harbour the “wicked” thought that perhaps if we let the environment be so dirty so that irresponsible cat feeder leftover is not so obvious!

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