Story of a Goat & a Priest

December 31, 2006

Once upon a time, there was a little goat and a priest.

The priest wanted to sacrifice the goat to the gods. As he raised his arm to cut the goat’s throat, when suddenly the goat began to laugh.

The priest stopped, amazed and asked the goat, “why do you laugh? Don’t you know I’m about to cut your throat?”

“Oh yes,” said the goat. “After 499 times dying and being reborn as a goat, I will be reborn as a human being.”

Then the goat began to cry.

The priest asked “Why now are you crying?”

The goat replied, “For you, poor priest. 500 lives ago, I too was a priest and sacrificed goats to the gods.”


4 Responses to “Story of a Goat & a Priest”

  1. vegancat said

    Will we live to see the day when we human can celebrate a “happy” occasion without causing so much suffering on another species?

  2. auntie p said

    Wahaha… karma indeed.

    Happy new year to all members of chaos!

  3. Cat said

    Many of our celebrations be it religious or traditional are based on practices of the past.

    Hopefully, humans will see their folly of following past practices blindly & start to celebrate with intelligence & compassion.

  4. Victor Tabbycat said

    Great story! If only humans could really know the result of their actions ahead of time, maybe they’d think twice and be a better species.

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