Ruby & Wawa (rated RA by the KMM Censorship Board)

January 2, 2007

Ruby – a ragdoll with humans but a terror with the Chaos especially Wawa these days.


10 Responses to “Ruby & Wawa (rated RA by the KMM Censorship Board)”

  1. Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said

    Whoa!! I could feel the tension mounting in the first 10 seconds or so! Should be rated RA for excessive use of violence and mayhaps use of meow language, if only we could understand what they were yowling about!

  2. Cat said

    Hi KMM, have asked Ruby. It roughly translates to “get out of my face you little cry baby!”

    Well, actually this is a watered down translation. I shall spare the audience of her full colored version – very RA! 🙂

    Jokes aside, before this video was shot, she was chasing Wawa from the bedroom to the living room & then the bathroom.

    Junior has had a taste of the Ruby yesterday when he tried to paw her. She sent him up the wardrobe & proceed to do a stake out at the foot of the wardrobe. The poor boy was stuck up there for literally 1 hour.

    My sister thinks Ruby should be renamed Gypsy.

  3. calsifer said

    Wow! Seems like Ruby’s a Minx Wolverine.

    Philly was here sleeping and he jumped up. I’ve got to cuddle him now.

  4. Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said

    Now, if only you had captured the chase from bedroom -> living room -> bathroom. That would have made this video clip an epic … the New Year Blockbuster!! And put those chasing scenes in The Fast & The Furious to shame!

  5. cat_aunty said

    Another Formidable Female!! But poor Wawa loh

  6. auntie p said

    Waaa, great footage! I saw Ruby doing her paw punches, and Wawa did great with her kick-boxing even in her laid-down position (note her fantastic repeated “hind-kicks”) – she shd be called Fei1 Mao2 Tui3. You go, gal! ;P

  7. auntie p said

    BTW, was Alex the bystander?

    I thot I thaw a white pussycat (to quote Tweety bird).

  8. Cat said

    Haha Auntie P, you crack me up. Yes, this could have been one of those artistic wuxia film like KMM suggested. 🙂

    Yes, that was Alex in the foreground. His itsy-bitsy head was in the picture. The boy was happily minding his own business before he got caught in the room with 2 angry females.

  9. Victor Tabbycat said

    Ruby reminds me of someone… who could it be? Oh, yea, BONNIE! Except she does lots of growling and I do most of the (playful) pouncing.

  10. nemoforone said

    What about the possibility of pulling out of Iraq, letting Iran invade and lose resources fighting their own kind,
    and then come in and mop up the dregs?

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