I took a mini-break from work this afternoon & wen…

January 4, 2007

I took a mini-break from work this afternoon & went out to play with the kittens. The Auntie was there so we chatted briefly. She happily pointed to Tua Tao & said “He is yan-tau (handsome). So white now.” I smiled & nodded. She continued, “cod liver oil very good but very smelly.” I laughed. Yes, Tua Tao is handsome. Pity I did not have my camera with me.

I informed her that Vincent (pet transport guy) will collect Sesame next Monday evening for sterilization. He will return the boy on Thursday evening. She was nodded “good, good.”

She told me she saw a kitten (about a month old) outside the SGH last Saturday but it is no longer there. The kitten is a black & white with a crooked tail. “Very cute,” she said.

I explained to her there are a few possible scenarios. The kitten could have wandered off or rescued or … Anyway, I said if she does see the kitten again, please bring it here where it is safer.

As the sky turned turning grey, she looked wistfully at our makeshift shelter for the trio & said, “I worry. Don’t know if this is enough for them.” I can only reply, “This will have to do Auntie. This is best we can provide for them.”

We looked at each other, nodded & walked separately back to our offices.


12 Responses to “I took a mini-break from work this afternoon & wen…”

  1. Mary said

    Hi cat, how much cod liver oil should be applied on the food for such case? One tea/quater spoon to how much quantity of dried/wet food? Thanks in advance.

  2. Cat said

    Hi Mary, I use cod liver oil capsule not emulsion. The recommended dosage was to give 1 child dosage (per capsule). But given his circumstances, I gave him an adult dosage of 1 capsule to wet food.

    I think it is harmless. Cod liver oil is good for the general wellness anyway.

  3. Mary said

    Thanks cat – asking just out of curiosity, but then it’s good lesson learnt in advance.

  4. vegancat said

    Such “ordinary” kindness touches me. This morning, I took a photo of the kitchen ah-soh who is afraid of cats but will use her own money to buy the community cats’ favourite fish to fry! I will post the photo this evening when i am home.

  5. Cat said

    You are most welcome Mary. Now I feed cod liver oil to Chaos & all the cats in my office area now 🙂

  6. cat_aunty said

    Only Sesame going for the ops? I thought Peanut is also the same age

  7. Cat said

    Cat_Aunty, Peanut had hers done in December, courtesy of the Auntie’s boss. 🙂

  8. Mary said

    Hi cat, i bought the cod liver oil capsule, it has vitamin A, D, and E; is it ok for the feline? How do i give to them; should i prick the capsule and provide only the oil or the whole capsule crushed? Thanks in advance.

  9. Cat said

    That’s fine. If it is a gel capsule, just prick it with a fork & squeeze the contents onto their wet food.

    If its powder in capsule, just empty the contents into the wet food.

    One capsule shld be ok. So far, there has never been cases of Vit overdose 🙂

  10. Mary said

    Thanks cat, i presume one gel capsule per cat/dog.

  11. Cat said

    Depends on the situation Mary.

    For Tua Tao because his condition is serious, I gave him one capsule a day.

    For Chaos, is shared. One capsule for 2 cats.

    Its really a judgement call.

  12. Mary said

    Ok, thanks.

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