Dim Sum’s Babies

January 6, 2007

I visited two of Dim Sum’s babies this morning. The last time I visited was about 8 months ago, when Dim Sum was still alive.Diyana (the babies’ mother) adopted Fitzgerald & Fargo in November2005. Then they were only a month old curious & precocious. She renames them Koko (former Fitz) & Kiki (former Fargo).

All of Dim Sum’s babies 1 month old

Now they blossomed into 2 beautiful & well-behaved cats. Well, at least during the hour I was there.

Koko now at 1 year 2 months

Kiki now at 1 year 2 months

They remind me very much of Dim Sum – tall, leggy, slim & quiet.


4 Responses to “Dim Sum’s Babies”

  1. KXBC said

    it’s nice seeing Dim Sum passing her fighting spirit to them. She still lives on.

  2. vegancat said

    Beautiful offsprings. What about Fisher?

  3. Cat said

    Yes KXBC & Vegancat. I shed a tear of joy when I left them. Dim Sum has left a beautiful legacy for us.

    Vegancat – I haven’t had a chance to visit Fisher yet. According to Fisher’s mommy, he is now called Nicky.

    I hope to get receive some photos soon.

  4. Victor Tabbycathttp://2tabbys.blogspot.com/ said

    Nice to see how they’ve grown up. They look healthy and content. Kudos to you and Dim Sum, wherever she may be.

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