Seng Chew & Twinkle

January 7, 2007

Never heard of her but I love the fact that she sees the human side of her cat Twinkle & treats her like one.

“TWINKLE, a stray cat who’s now nine months old, has provided me and my three flatmates much entertainment and many scares since she entered our household half a year ago.

Probably the most horrifying thing she ever did was to eat a lizard. It was as though she was very proud of her catch, and came to show off what she had done, with the lizard’s tail and legs still sticking out of her mouth.

Being girls, we all ran into the nearest room and screamed. None of us dared go near her for the rest of the day.

She has a mischievous streak and loves to play tricks. When we have to wake up early in the morning, she’ll plant a sink scrub in the corridor leading to the toilet.

Being groggy from sleep, no one usually notices the trap in the dark until it is stepped on. As it is a rough-textured scrub, it can be quite painful.

Twinkle will hide in a corner and jump out when her prank has been successfully carried out. She’ll then take the scrub with her, and plant it back for the next victim.

She’s also extremely agile. Once, she couldn’t be found, and after looking everywhere, we heard a faint mewing sound.

It was quite scary, like a scene from a horror flick, hearing the sound but not knowing the source of it.

We then realised the mews were coming from a drawer and Twinkle was hiding in it.

Now we have to be very careful when opening drawers and cupboards because she’s so quick and moves so quietly that we never know if she’s climbed into one.

She’s got her soft side, too. When she was younger, she learnt how to jump by aiming at an object and trying to reach it.

If she failed, my flatmates and I would laugh at her because of how cute she looked. But then she’d be very embarrassed and run away to hide.

Also, during our girl talks, she would pester us to include her in the sessions by mewing very loudly outside the room until we let her in.

Twinkle, like me, is a bit of a singer. When I play fast songs, she’ll enter the room and mew along to the music, and leave once it ends.

Perhaps her love of music has to do with us singing her lullabies when she was still a kitten. My flatmates and I would replace the lyrics with ‘meows’ instead.

Sometimes I think we’re a bit ridiculous for treating Twinkle as if she were human. But with her endearing personality, it’s really hard not to.

Sing Chew, 25, was the runner-up in last season’s Project Superstar. Her debut album, From Taipei To Beijing, is out in stores.

Source: The Sunday Times


3 Responses to “Seng Chew & Twinkle”

  1. cat_aunty said

    After reading this article, I wanted to go out and buy her album, just so that she has money to feed Twinkle!

    She sounds like a lovely girl.

  2. KXBC said

    Twinkle looks and sound like XX when she was a young kitten. Playing and raising hell every day.

  3. auntie p said

    Cat aunty, she sings well. I didn’t know who she was, but caught her singing on the post TCS-award party (on tv), and I thought: who is this gal who delivered that difficult song very well. I believe her Chinese name is Zhou Sing Huei.

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