Vincent came by this afternoon & took Sesame away….

January 8, 2007

Vincent came by this afternoon & took Sesame away. As he was carted off to the vet, he let out a tiny whimper. For a split second, I almost shouted “Stop! Leave my baby alone!!” But of course I didn’t. I stood firm.

After tomorrow, Sesame will become a young lad, albeit an impotent one & sports a cool tipped ear. 🙂


7 Responses to “Vincent came by this afternoon & took Sesame away….”

  1. vegancat said

    No pain…no gain..oops.. i mean…no loss 🙂

  2. Dawn said

    I’m sure he’ll get a lot of pampering from you after!

  3. cat_aunty said

    It is ok….he won’t remember a thing. And it is only for one day

  4. ddxiong said

    Hi Chaos cat, please email me on the cats of ECP.

  5. m said

    I know the feeling!!! My boy cat was throwing up this past weekend so I took him to the emergency vet. When they were doing the diagnostic testing and I was waiting, I could hear him whining and I wanted to run and save him.

    He is fine, thankfully. I hope your baby recovers quickly and is back to playing with the other kitties.

  6. ArtsyCatsy said

    Poor guy. Much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been there! I’m Rocky, CEO (Cat Executive Officer) of ArtsyCatsy, inviting you to come sniff us out and see my catstaff of 15 train our artist humans to start a new business for cat lovers. If what you see makes you purr, want to link to each other? You can email me at

  7. KXBC said

    Poor boy. But let him know that eunuchs weild lots of power in any place. Or is it I have been watching too much Chinese drama serial?

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