Conversation overheard on the MRT to work todayMot…

January 11, 2007

Conversation overheard on the MRT to work today

Mother 1: “My daughter has to audition for CCA (co-curricular activity) today. I told her to try everything & then she can pick & choose which my hubby & I is the best.”

Mother 2: “Oh, I don’t that. I told my daughter to audition for classical chinese music & choir. I hope she can be the next Sun Yen Tzi (Stephanie Sun).”

At this point, I hid behind my TODAY, biting my lip in hopes that I don’t laugh out loud.

I didn’t know students have to audition for CCAs these days. What is so great about CCAs anyway?

I remember I dreaded the ECA (that’s what it was called in the hey-days). I procrastinated until the deadline was up & got a warning & then proceeded sign up for a club with the least members which turned out to be the brass band. I had to lug my trumpet home. I became the butt of the family’s joke until I started playing the brass. I became the family’s pain-in-the-you-know-where.

And what happens to what the kids wanted? It sounded like the CCA is more the mothers than the kids. Those poor kids, living with the pressure to fulfil their mothers’ dreams!

My parents never harboured any dreams that I’ll be the next Jeremy Monteiro. Well, they crushed that hope after I blew my first note.


One Response to “Conversation overheard on the MRT to work todayMot…”

  1. Anonymous said

    The is conditioned love; bringing up children to further their own ego trips.

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