Tua Tao – King of His Castle

January 12, 2007

Tua Tao has been hiding in this little make-shift shelter since yesterday.

He seemed to be happy to be in his new ‘home’ & is, I believe, a little possessive of it. But he still shares with home with the little ones.

He hissed at me a couple of times yesterday & this morning when I stick my hand in for him to smell & when I removed his stale foodbowl. But he remained calm & quiet when I spoke to him. He appeared to be listening & understanding me (rather that’s what I like to think he is doing!)

I am happy that he now has the confidence to protect his territory & the kittens instead of running off to hide.

His skin is clear now. He looks like a new cat & he has put on a little weight. 🙂


13 Responses to “Tua Tao – King of His Castle”

  1. vegancat said

    He looks remarkably handsome in this photo!

  2. Mary said

    He looks very muscular and tough. A handsome boy indeed.

  3. Cat said

    Yes he is a handsome boy 🙂

    He’s actually quite stocky built. I can only imagine he looks a little bull-doggish if he is fatter 🙂

  4. Mary said

    i guess he is the daddy to Sesame and Peanut. Who’s the mum?

  5. Cat said

    I’m not sure of the kittens’ parentage. The Auntie thinks it is one of the elusive B&W cat which I briefly mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

  6. calsifer said

    He really looks good. Kudos to you and Aunty.

    He’s still on the lysine/cod-liver old/vit e cocktail?

  7. Cat said

    Thanks Calsifer. He’s on cod liver oil & vit e now.

    Auntie is finally convinced of the wonders of supplements. She adds cod liver oil to all the cat food now.

  8. calsifer said


    Here’s a suggestion based on what we know: Lysine is a better supplement choice than Vit E if you’d have to choose between the two, because it’s for immunity whereas Vit E is more for skin/fur. If his skin problem is resolved, and a choice has to be made, I’d suggest to go with Lysine, especially given the weather these days.

    If both can be given, better. But reduce Vit E frequency. We go with Lysine and cod-liver oil every 3 times a week (sometimes more, could be due to weather, or for a particular who look under the weather), and Vit E 1 or 2 times a week only.

    Hope this helps. =)

  9. Cat said

    Thanks Calsifer 🙂

    I gave Auntie a tub of multi vit granules to be added to all the cat food in addition to the cod liver oil.

    I will pass her the lysine. Will have to pound them to powder first.

  10. auntie p said

    Tua Tao looks cute. I’m sure he recognises your voice, even if he doesn’t understand what you’re saying. 🙂

  11. Anonymous said

    tua tao has become very handsome indeed. great job!

    a word of caution abt cod liver oil. tho it is v beneficial in certain conditions, eg tua tau’s, it shld not be used in excess for healthy cats. cod liver oil is v rich in Vit A, too much of which is poisonous to cats as their bodies cannot process the excess. if u wish to give cats supplements, salmon oil is a better choice.

  12. cat_aunty said

    WHOA! Tua Tao! Is that you?

    He looks very handsoem now, and not as tired as before. There is even some colorings on his forehead and paws!

  13. Cat said

    Thanks Anonymous! Will advice Auntie accordingly. She’s mainly in charge of the feeding. I just buy 🙂

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