Tua Tao’s Fresh Sores

January 16, 2007

A new sore on Tua Tao’s back. A few more small ones on his sides which he won’t let me take pictures of.

The Auntie suspects he bites himself because his new skin itches. But it seems unlikely to me. The spot where the sore is (on this picture) is an unlikely spot where he can bite himself. I could be wrong. Tua Tao could be an acrobatic cat for all I know.

I have asked Auntie to cut back on the cod liver oil supplements to thrice a week & add lysine to all daily feed.

Meanwhile, the kittens are venturing into my end of the street.


One Response to “Tua Tao’s Fresh Sores”

  1. KXBC said

    It’s possible he licked himself until he is sore there. My Chang Chang has this same problem as well.

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