Xiao Hei Enjoying Sun

January 16, 2007


4 Responses to “Xiao Hei Enjoying Sun”

  1. Kimo & Sabi said

    Mmmmm…that suns looks nice!

  2. blissful~feline said

    what a shiny coat Xiao Hei has … 🙂

  3. auntie p said

    Cat, I’m not sure if I have your email somewhere (not sure if it’s yours), but Mr kxbc tompang me this this msg for you and San:

    If you are feeding Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea, here is good news. Aquapet (Thomson Plaza, Tel: 64562521) is selling the 10 pound pack at $53 after discount. It is much cheaper than Pet Lovers which is $70 after discount for 2 x 5 pound packs. The price was reduced over the weekend when I placed my order. However, they do not have ready stock in their shop so please call them to place an advance order for you before you go collect or do delivery.

  4. Cat said

    Thanks v much Auntie_P & KXBC! 🙂

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