January 23, 2007

Alex is down with a very bad case of flu. He’s a mess right now. He had been sneezing most of the night.

Suspected so. He was pretty down last week, losing interest in play, food & even free cuddles! Have put him on Vibravet & extra Vit C & monitor his condition closely. Looks like the trip to the groomers this Saturday will have to be postponed.

Picture’s very out of focus – this is what happens when I operate without caffiene ….


6 Responses to “”

  1. auntie p said

    The soft, dreamy look is also nice. I wonder how much of Alex’s mass is fur. 🙂

  2. Cat said

    Thanks Auntie P. You are v kind 🙂

    His hair has really grown out – he’s actually quite slim under all that … so I’d safely say its two-thirds hair & one-third body mass.

  3. vegancat said

    The non-caffeine triggered photo looks like a painting. Very nice.

  4. cat_aunty said

    Oh dear….take care, sir Alex!!

  5. Cat said

    Thanks cat_aunty. The poor bloke’s eyes are all teary & his nose is stuffed up. He had to open his mouth to breath.

    Gave him the Vicks steam inhaler a couple of times last evening & it seemed to clear his nose for awhile.

  6. Victor Tabbycathttp://2tabbys.blogspot.com/ said

    I didn’t know cats get flu. Hope Alex is better soon!

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