January 26, 2007

Found blood in Wawa’s urine this evening. Vegancat said it is FLUTD & recommended wet food with salmon & lots of water.

I think Beauty has it as well. Caught her urinating outside the litterbox twice over the last two nights.

So no more dry food for Chaos, only wet ones for now. Poor Ruby. She’s gonna be hungry. She’s not much of a wet food cat. She loves dry food despite being toothless.


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  1. veganmeowhttp://meowies.multiply.com said

    Hi Cat,
    hope Alex, Wawa and Beauty get well soon. You could try the Chinese herb Gold Coin Grass for kidney/urinary problems. It worked for Nushi when she had blood in her urine.

  2. Cat said

    Thanks Veganmeow.

    Alex is better now. His head & eyes are clear but still sneezing a little. His mood has improved as well.

    Beauty & Wawa has also improved. There isn’t anymore blood in their urine although they still strain a little to urinate. But their urine is clear though little. I’d still have to syringe them with lots of water for the next few days.

    I tried the other Chinese medication – Shilingtong – pretty foul smell. They hated it. Well so did I 🙂

  3. Victor Tabbycathttp://2tabbys.blogspot.com/ said

    Poor fings! Aren’t you ascared of any of them hafin FIP? Mom would be paranoid an takin us to the vet too much.

  4. Cat said

    Well actually Victor Tabby, FIP didn’t cross my mind …

  5. Mary said

    Hi Kat, Kitty has the same problem 3x last year. She was given antibiotics and a x-ray to check for ‘stone’. Like what vegancat suggested, the vet too said to give more liquid and wet food.

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