January 31, 2007

This is a rant.

I don’t understand. I don’t understand how Singaporeans with all our affluence and education, are intolerant, inconsiderate and treats life ‘below us’ so flippantly, so disposable.

I am upset that people thinks that as long as a living being ceased to be of benefit to the society, it is alright to kill them off, as long as it is done humanely. First of all, to deliberately cause death to another being just because it serves no purpose is NOT humane no matter what method is employed. Second of all, what values are we teaching our young? That is alright to humanely ‘off’ us when we are old, useless and a burden???

I hope 30 years on, I won’t become another death statistic just because I am old and useless to society. Not that younger Singaporean will care then.

I am upset that we think we can treat our domestic helpers and foreign workers with snobbery. They are looked down upon, shouted at, invisible to us all when all this time we know jolly well we can’t live without them. Not that we care. They are disposable items in our books.

But don’t forget, our grandparents and great grandparents were once the Amahs, Ahmads, coolies. They used to do backbreaking work under the hot sun. Just because we are privileged now, doesn’t mean we should forget where we came from. Where is our humility?

The debate on the HDB’s ban on cats goes to show how intolerant Singaporeans can be. So dogs bark and cats caterwaul. Humans are guilty of bigger crimes. We litter, scream, shout, laugh, sing, play out loud without consideration for our neighbours. But we generally tolerate these nonsense. Why? Is it because we are humans and therefore our lives are valuable and important and animals’ are not? Or is it because animals are smaller & therefore we can speak against them but humans are bigger & therefore to save ourselves from a whallop we swallow the inconvenience in silence?

Just because we have a bigger brain doesn’t make us better. Animals live on this planet longer than we have. And I bet they will be around after we humanely kill each other off.

I question our education. I bet most of us don’t even understand the purpose of education. You may disagree with me but the way I see it, education is not about scoring good grades and making into the university and getting a well paid job. Education is about developing yourself, your mind and your character, to become a better person to serve the society.

A society with intelligent people but without kindness and compassion is not well served.

Yes, I am in bad mood. I’m sick & miserable right now. And I am probably not making any sense here. Hell.


4 Responses to “”

  1. vegancat said

    I absolutely agree with your sentiment.
    It is sad that we seem proud to have “made it” in terms of materialistic comfort, but we display such arrogant attitude towards any living being that is of “no benefit”.
    The issue of our treatment of cats goes beyond just mere feline welfare. It speaks of the kind of people that we are. Right now, we tip the scale towards selfishness.

  2. auntie p said

    Dear cat, it’s ok to rant. Yes, Singaporeans are ignorant, and very ugly. Sadly, I see them everyday on the MRT.

    Being well-fed and well-heeled has put many people out of touch with their humility and tolerance.

  3. ck said

    Dear cat, no you do make sense. I not only question the education we provide in schools, but also the moral education that is so lacking not only in our children but the adults as well. Has anyone ever noticed how our newspapers always describe someone in their stories by starting off with what kind of dwelling they own, whether it’s a 5-room HDB flat, condominium, etc.? Is it really necessary to provide that sort of information as if it matters to their story?

    Sorry, I’m ranting off here myself as I don’t have a blog myself (yet).

  4. budak said

    Here’s another perspective on “education”:

    “Six myths about the foundations of modern education, and six new principles to replace them” at: http://www.eart-h.com/text/educate.htm

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