Lab Used By Iams Busted – Blog report by PETA

February 16, 2007

cat.jpgBack in 02/03, PETA conducted a 9-month investigation into a lab used by the Iams pet food company to “test” its food. During the investigation, we uncovered horrible abuse, including dogs gone crazy from intense confinement; dogs left piled on a filthy paint-chipped floor after having chunks of muscle hacked from their thighs; dogs surgically debarked; horribly sick dogs and cats languishing in their cages, neglected and left to suffer with no vet care.Well, we’ve continued to work on the case and have just received very good news in a report from the USDA. The report confirms Animal Welfare Act violations that we found during our investigation, including:

  • Untrained personnel performing animal experiments
  • Failure to provide veterinary care and observe animals on a daily basis
  • Caging facilities for dogs and cats so stifling that staff were unable to endure the ammonia levels
  • Failure to provide animals with the minimum required space

The lab can now either admit to its wrongdoing and settle with the government or go through an Administrative Court proceeding.

Source: Blog.Peta.Org


3 Responses to “Lab Used By Iams Busted – Blog report by PETA”

  1. calsifer said

    Sigh. It’s vindication of a sort. But it won’t stop IAMS. It’s really in the hands of consumers to stop this sort of senseless cruelty, but most peopel don’t care to learn about where their money go.

  2. ChaosCat said

    I know what you Calsifer.

    Someone I know is exactly like that. Whiskie no good? Then why are the supermarkets & petshops stocking them? Where are people buying them? That’s her argument.

    Feeds the cat speghetti & bread because if it is good enough for her it is good enough for the cat. Good grief.

    I would have accepted it if she is poor. But she is not. And that makes me see red.

  3. jewels said

    is the report available anywhere?

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