Guangdong inspects civet cat trade

February 20, 2007

GUANGZHOU, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) — South China’s Guangdong Province, the first to report fatal SARS cases in late 2002, has enhanced surveillance on civet cats, found by scientists to be a major source of the SARS virus, to prevent possible outbreaks in spring.    


The province mobilized nearly 7,000 health inspectors in the past month and examined 10,000 restaurants for civet cats, said the Guangdong Provincial Health Department.A live civet cat and several frozen ones were confiscated and 18 restaurants were fined in the latest campaign across the province, said Huang Fei, deputy director of the department.

A restaurant in Shunde, Foshan City was fined 30,000 yuan (3,800 U.S. dollars) for buying civet cats.

The province banned raising, selling, killing and eating of civet cats in January 2004.

But “the health departments have received increasing reports of illegal trade in civet cats since November,” said Huang.

During the campaign, restaurants were required to make a written commitment on no trading of banned wild animals like civet cats.

Those who fail to keep the commitment will get their licenses revoked.

“The possibility of a SARS outbreak still exists in Guangdong in spring,” said Luo Huiming, an official with the Guangdong Disease Control and Prevention Center.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, first broke out in Guangdong in November 2002 and spread to 24 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities on the Chinese mainland.

The outbreak caused alarm around the world, with infected cases reported in 32 nations and regions. The disease claimed more than 700 lives worldwide, including at least 349 on the Chinese mainland.

Source: China View


4 Responses to “Guangdong inspects civet cat trade”

  1. vegancatsg said

    And some human pride themselves as being the “most intelligent” beings created? Hmmm…..a bad blunder perhaps?

  2. Thems was some wierd lookin’ cats – mutants!

  3. vegancatsg said

    Who’s weird? The cute civet cats who are really in the mongoose species or the mad human who think they are more delicious than cute?!

  4. SL said

    they only seem weird cos ppl expect them to look like cats. in reality, though they are called civet CATS, they are only distantly related to the cat family and now do not resemble cats at all.

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