Contemplating our precious human life dispels depression

February 21, 2007

“Often we take our opportunities and fortune for granted and focus on what we lack instead. This is tantamount to ignoring all the delicious food in a large buffet and complaining, “There is no spaghetti.” Instead of becoming depressed because we are ill, we can remember that we are also fortunate to have others who help us when we don’t feel well. Even if they don’t help us as much as we would like, they still are there for us, and we would be hard put if they weren’t. Something is always going well in our lives, and it’s important to remember those things that are. ”

Excerpts from Dealing with Emotions by Thubten Chodron


2 Responses to “Contemplating our precious human life dispels depression”

  1. veganmeow said

    As a friend of mine said recently “Why get upset and depressed when in pain? Why add suffering to the pain?”

  2. Cat said

    So true Veganmeow. But somehow, humans do enjoy dwelling in the negatives. Many of us take pleasure wallowing in our own self pity & choose the take for granted the little positives in our daily lives.

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