Another face-off

March 10, 2007

This time it is between Beauty & Wawa.

Warning: some scenes may not be suitable for children. πŸ™‚


11 Responses to “Another face-off”

  1. veganmeow said

    My poorAshley who was sleeping next to the computer jumped up and stared at the computer screen…Nush went into hiding under the bed. Ahm…perhaps should add another warning πŸ˜‰

  2. Indeed another warning is necessary! Spooked my gang of monsters too! Cat, your gang definitely makes the cat fight among my kitties look like kindergarten stuff πŸ˜›

  3. cat_aunty said

    Whoa…Wawa was the aggressor there!! Wawa has grown so big! But Beauty was pretty agile for her size huh

  4. vegancatsg said

    Wah lau eh….must be two fundamentalists in their last lives!!

  5. Derby said

    This is the first video or sound of a cat that my cat has reacted to. He was running around looking for the other kitties making the noise. Looking out the windows, around all of the furniture.

  6. jennifer said

    One community cat at my place will always fight with the others smaller cats… the same scream except i will tryin to break the fight by carrying one of them away.. cannot risk them screaming their head off in the mid of the night.

    my xiami is very quiet now after hearing the video… she was singing earlier before i played the video..ha.. what is the dispute about between beauty and wawa?

  7. Whoah… all that tension between the two is amazing! Even I feel like yowling now. Beauty is one helluva feisty kitty and she sure can defend her own.

  8. Fazakerly said

    These guys are serious! FAZ

  9. jaz said

    This video is great! My little one was looking out the door and every time I played it, he would perk his ears and run all over hunting for the other cats. He looks so puzzled right now! πŸ™‚

    Your cats are lovely, good going!


  10. calsifer said

    Hi Cat,
    Been so long since you’ve blogged. How are things?

    I’m commenting with an ulterior motive. Please forgive me but…: Tag, you’re it! Join the Save the Bears, Save the World Meme started by FiveCats Mom. Stop bear bile farming today.

    My tag: Save the Bears, Save the World

    Original tag:

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