Persian Kitten for Sale in

August 7, 2007

I was checking out – Mediacorp’s new ad site & found this:

Looks like a pet shop & according to the description, it is located in Tampines.

 Another potential suffering? I sincerely hope not!

 There are even more dogs & puppies for sale on this site & most sellers I suspect are backyard breeders.


6 Responses to “Persian Kitten for Sale in”

  1. auntie p said

    I’m not surprised. If you check out Yahoo Classifieds there is also a person selling cats (ragdolls and persians) very often in the Tampines area. I don’t think the person operates a shop though.

  2. vegancatsg said

    This is illegal. Should a whistle be blown on this seller? Can just forward to AVA and it will crack it down. The dilemmna is how will this whistle-blowing affect the welfare of the cats but can we just close an eye and let it continue to cause more suffering?

  3. ChaosCat said

    I wrote to the advertiser after posted this up – requesting for more medical & background information on the cat & pictures.

    He replied last night without revealing much except that he obtained the cat last week & he send the cat in for vaccination next week.

    His shop is Pet City, located in Koon Seng Rd (near Telok Kurau). I’m quited tempted to take a look.

    I agree with Vegancat that AVA should crack down on such sellers. AVA cannot simply maintain their stand on responsible pet ownership without proactive action from their end.

  4. ChaosCat said

    Looks like it …

  5. vegancatsg said

    Let’s boycott pet shops and some online that sell pets and let the proprietors know so.

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