October 21, 2007

beauty-mug-shot.jpg I don’t get it.  Why is it CRIMINAL when 2 consenting adult men have sex and it is LEGAL when it involves a consenting adult man & woman?

 Mommy was telling Aunty Irene that anti-gay Christians are fighting against the repeal & organising some walk.  I don’t know much about these Christians’ mumbo-jumbo but I do know what it is like to be discriminated,  to made a criminal just because someone thinks I should be one & not because I did something wrong. 

I know because I am a cat.  I live illegally in a HDB flat since I was a kitten just because some idiots think I am noisy & dirty, therefore must be banned in the HDB.  The reality is, I am quieter and cleaner than the dogs that live legally there.  Illogical isn’t it? Boo! is what I say to these idiots.

And stray cats are killed everyday in Singapore (using taxpayers’ money) because the same idiots say they are dirty & noisy. Now THAT is abomination!

Comment from Beauty’s mommy: Beauty has never been to church so she doesn’t know you-know-who & his son.  But she is an intelligent cat, she can discern what is right & what is plain bigotory.  Beauty supports the repeal.


5 Responses to “s377A”

  1. Thank you for your understanding and I fully support HDB removal that stupid law with cats.

  2. vegancatsg said

    I feel sad to see so much incitations of Hatred when it tries to promote itself as a religion of love.
    A human mother will always love her child, no matter how “bad” he or she is, she will always patiently wait for the child to return. The door of her heart is always open.
    I can’t fathom how any creator can condemn his children to eternal punishment.

  3. ChaosCat said

    SaltWetFish – repealing 377A is the right thing to do. We may not be successful this time, but it is still a step towards change.

    Vegancatsg – I always pity “The Majority” whenever they claim they are retaining 377A for sake of their children. They are so cocky sure that their kids can NEVER be a homosexual. But what happens if one is? What then? Are they going to disown the child? Wont’ they want to society to understand their child & not discriminate him? They are so narrow-sighted.

  4. calsifer said

    The vocal ones always take it upon themselves to represent the establishment. But there’s no way to really know what the establishment really thinks unless every member of the establishment is interviewed and each and every view catalogued and analysed.

    Down with S377A! Down with the HDB cat ban!

  5. ChaosCat said

    The problem is, there is absolutely no way to obtain an accurate poll even there is one. Singaporeans generally still very much living in fear of the government or in this case the majority. Singaporeans are very pragmatic, they’ll vote the safest bet ie one that won’t get them into trouble with the lawor break their rice bowl!

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