Another one joins the house

October 27, 2007

This is Zen, formerly known as LaPis.


Zen joins us this morning.  It wasn’t a pre-meditated adoption at all. It just happened. One minute he was playing at my feet in foster mom’s place & the next I just blurted “wanna come home with me?” He gave me that big innocent look (like this picture’s) & that sort of sealed the deal.

LaPis is a great name for him but I just thought Zen sums him up pretty well & it is a nice ending to the Chaos membership. 🙂


8 Responses to “Another one joins the house”

  1. vegancatsg said

    Thank you. His long wait home was well worth it 🙂

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  3. cat_aunty said

    Ah. Good luck, Lapis!!

  4. Woo-hoo! This is a sweet surprise! He is a such an angel. Did you say nice “ending” to the Chaos household membership? Don’t count on it! 😛

  5. calsifer said

    Heheh, Mama Piggy said it! After all, isn’t the Omega the real last member of the English alphabet’s ancestor, the Greek alphabet? 😛

  6. veganmeow said

    All the best, Lapis!

  7. edwin said

    I’m gonna miss mr tubby!

  8. ChaosCat said

    Vegancat – It should be me to thank you .. for rescuing such a lovable & handsome boy.

    KMM & Calsifer – Yes! Definitely this is the last .. unless I upgrade to a bigger flat! 🙂

    Edwin – its ok. You are most welcome to take pictures of him anytime .. or Chaos! This hopeless momma here does it only once in a blue blue moon, with a crappy samsung camera.

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