Jr & Zen-san

October 28, 2007


The boys rummaging through junk meant for the karang guni man.

Both boys are about the same age & the similarity ends there.  Jr is tall & lanky while Zen-san is shorter & stockier.  Jr is full of energy while Zen is laid-back, very chilled. But both seem curious enough about each other, following each other around the house, mimicking each other’s little quirks.

I was telling my sister Irene about Zen-san’s arrival last night on the phone, when Jr finally decided a take a swipe at him.  A true zen, he gave Jr a “now what’s that for?” look. No retaliation, no hissing nothing. Irene joked “heck! you should call him JC for that!”

Not a bad idea.  That shall be his nickname. 🙂


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