Be a better person

November 29, 2007

We all know that people miraculously fall asleep or concentrate very hard on their newspapers in the train when a pregnant woman, an old folk & someone with toddler walks in.

Yesterday, my encounter takes the cake. 

A very pregnant woman walked in.  A young man was seated next to the door.  He looked at her but didn’t do anything (he was ‘sleeping’ or reading. Eyes wide open, looked at her).  I asked the woman if she would like to sit.  She just smiled.  So, I asked the young man, if he would be kind enough to give up his seat to the woman.  He looked at me, squarely in the eye, and said “Why should I?”  I was flabbergasted.  A lady seated next to the young man, looked up from her newspaper, quickly stood up to offer her seat.  He sat through the journey, nonchalant of his ungracious behaviour. I was sooo tempted to kick those useless balls of his.

C’mon man, that pregnant woman is someone’s wife, mother, sister, daughter!  Will it kill him to stand the rest of the way? Be a man, be a better person!


Better days ahead?

November 29, 2007

The last four days had been relatively quiet in the Chaos household.  Junior & Zen seemed to be tolerating each other now.  Zen even spent the night with Alex & I last evening & I thought to myself when I woke up, that everything will alright now.

Then lo & behold, just as I was about to leave the flat, Junior jumped on Zen.  Out of nowhere. Nothing calms him down. I ended leaving Zen in the spare room by himself. 

So much for better days.  At least not yet.   🙂

Photos to come, promise.  I slack, as always.

Jason & DeMarco

November 27, 2007

pic-814b.jpg Click to enlarge the poster

Jason & DeMarco to perform here on 13 December.  They are a music partners as well as life partners.  They were originally slated to perform in Singapore in April 2005 but the concert was banned by MDA because they are a gay couple.  You can read more on this in Yawning Bread.

Recently MDA lifted the ban recently on assurance that the aim of the concert is Aids education & HIV prevention.  Again, go to Yawning Bread for more background info.

Here’s a clip of their performance in Pride Rally in New York, June this year.  They are good.

You can find more of their videos on YouTube. 

How to treat a cat bite

November 22, 2007

As many as 40 percent of cat bites become infected and require medical care. If you were to get bitten by a cat you should immediately clean the bite with a disinfectant and monitor it closely so that it doesn’t get infected. If in doubt, always visit a doctor to be safe.

Here’s a guideline on what you should do if you are bitten (in italics are my comments):

1. Clean the wound immediately with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.  Washed the wound with water & soap but that’s about it.

2. Put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Did that.

3. Hold the wound above your heart if the bite is on your hand or arm. Oh is it? Too late.

4. Place a clean bandage over the wound. No bandage in the house.  Used a hand towel instead.

5. Assess the wound for signs of infection: unusual redness or swelling, increasing warmth in the area, red streaking, or fever. See a doctor if signs of infection develop. Experiencing pain, redness, swelling, heat in the area & I can’t straighten my arm now.  Upside, no fever.

6. Get a tetanus shot if your primary series is incomplete or if it has been more than five years since your last shot. What shot?

7. Determine the rabies vaccine status of the cat. The cat should be observed for 15 days to see if it develops signs of rabies if its vaccine status is uncertain. Oookay ….



Junior’s attack

November 22, 2007

Late last night Junior suddenly went nuts & attacked Zen.  Instinctively I doved in to separate them by picking Junior up.  He turned & sank all his teeth into my arm.  If you had never been bitten by cat, let me tell, it is hell f*&#king painful!!!!!

I can’t let go of him because he’d go straight for Zen’s blood again.  I had to hold on him & find a place to isolate him.  Panicking, in pain , the rest of Chaos screaming, I headed for the nearest bathroom, threw him in & closed the door.  I looked down, my arm was bloody & there was a trail of blood from the war room to the bathroom.

I didn’t know what to do first. Zen was still hissing, Alex & Ruby were really frightened & Carma was just screaming (don’t know why) it was almost midnight & I’m bleeding.  I decided to take care of myself first.  But I don’t know the first thing about first aid (yes, I am THAT hopeless).  I have no bandages or antiseptic creams.  I had rinse my arm under the tap, washed with dettol soap.  But bleeding was relentless.  That boy punctured me good.  I ended using a hand towel, wrapped it round my arm & went to bed.  But the pain made sleep almost impossible.

This morning I checked my arm, the bleeding has stopped but punctures are still spotting blood.  And my arm is still in pain.  I counted, there are 8 punctures & a few scratches on my arm.  But Junior & Zen, they calm & back to their usual routine like nothing had happened last night.

I went through mixed emotions last night.  I was furious with Junior – for the fight & the bite.  But that was only split second.  I realised that no matter how well I train Junior to become, he is still a cat & he will continue to act on his instinct.  And it is pointless to be angry with him precisely of this.

And these there was a sense of helplessness.  I don’t even know how to take care of myself, I wish there was someone else in the flat last night to help me with the cats.  Did I try to take on too much on my own?  I went to bed feeling defeated on top of the pain.

But this morning, when I fed them, they looked happy.  They’ve forgotten the fight, Junior & Zen were eating side by side.  Thankfully holding a grudge is not forte 🙂 … And it looks like I can learn a thing or two from these cats.

Pippa, the termites buster

November 21, 2007

This entry has been retracted due to Origin’s policy which I wasn’t aware of earlier.

Remanents of a fight?

November 19, 2007


Got up this morning & found hair all over the kitchen floor.  Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out whose grey & ginger hair those belong to! 🙂

I hope the fight didn’t wake up any neighbours! Eeek

Carma the fei mui

November 19, 2007

I love it when she sits like that! So round 🙂



November 14, 2007

My ex-colleague & I met up for lunch today & decided to pay a visit to our old office.  Remember Peanut, Sesame & Tua Tao?


They remember me!! They came running to me from the usual hideout.  Awww so nice!

Peanut & Sesame are now full grown young adults & but still very loving towards each other.  They were grooming each other in the photo.  Sesame looks very healthy although Peanut seems a little thinner.  I noticed a few small bite marks on her.  Could it be the work of a new tomcat in the neighbourhood?  I found her wheezing a little as well.  I’m worried about her.  I didn’t see the auntie around.  She was probably out for lunch.


Tua Tao on the other hand has totally forgotten me. Dashed straight for the car when he saw me coming towards him.  Only managed to get a picture of his backside.  He is handsome now, spotting a beautiful white coat!  Looks like he has recovered completely from his skin condition. 🙂


There is a beer garden now next to the regular hangout of the Peanut, Sesame, Tua Tao & any passerby cats.  This spot used to be the cats’ litter box & playground 🙂 I hope this bar owner is tolerant of the cats.

Dun pray pray with Junior ok?

November 14, 2007

Junior flexing his ‘muscle’ 🙂

I guess, this is their dance, huh?