November 7, 2007

No one is a full fledge member of Chaos until he/she gets at least one good & proper wallop by a/or a couple of resident Chaos. 

Zen got his initiation from Junior last evening.  Junior had been on Zen’s back for the last two days, always looking for a chance to pin the fat boy down for a friendly wrestle.  Last evening must have been no different, just a little rougher is my guess.  By the time I got to Zen, he was whimpering in a corner. Didn’t expect that (the whimpering) from a sumo size. 

 Junior got a spank & he lurked away to a dark corner, probably to hatch another plan of attack. Until then he says….. 


One Response to “Membership”

  1. vegancatsg said

    Haha..any shots of Zen?

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