Surfing net on the bus

November 9, 2007

From today, a free high-speed mobile broadband service will be available on 12 bus routes.  Read the article here.

Great, if I can get a seat on the bus & if the journey is long to warrant surfing.  I admit I don’t commute much on buses.  Most time when I do, it is to visit my mom who lives 5 bus stops aways but it takes half hour to get there because the waiting time for the bus averages between 10 – 20 minutes for a 10 minute journey. And 7 out of 10 times, it is a full bus & I have squeeze myself in.

Why can’t the bus companies just give us more buses & clean ones too without the cochroaches running up & down the aisle?  I for one, certainly don’t need frills like the internet.


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