Ruby reclaims her bed

November 10, 2007


She looks so contented napping in her new bed & I am so happy for her. 

Sometimes when I clean her gums, I am sad. I can’t help but imagine the pain she suffer when all her teeth were extracted.  How can anyone be that cruel? It could be my projected feelings on her.  I don’t know.  But I tell myself, no matter what happens in Ruby’s future, I will never allow her to suffer again.


6 Responses to “Ruby reclaims her bed”

  1. cat_aunty said

    she looks so small in that basket. But she is fluffy huh

  2. ChaosCat said

    Ruby is small size compared to the rest of Chaos. I guess in the past, her previous owner/s didn’t feed her well.

  3. Mary said

    Oh dear, you mean Ruby is teethless – no teeth at all? Oh Poor Ruby!

  4. ChaosCat said

    Yes Mary. She is ‘bo-gay’. I try to mash her fussy cat tuna with water so that its easier for her to lap it up instead of chewing. But she swallows her biscuits with no problems though.

  5. Mary said

    i really cannot imagine – good thing she was rescued and you adopted her.

  6. ChaosCat said

    I think Ruby overcame & forgotten her ‘disability’. She still ‘bites’ when i annoy her e.g. cleaning her face, gums or other eh hrm ‘sensitive parts’ etc .. but thank goodness her bite never hurts! 🙂

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