November 14, 2007

My ex-colleague & I met up for lunch today & decided to pay a visit to our old office.  Remember Peanut, Sesame & Tua Tao?


They remember me!! They came running to me from the usual hideout.  Awww so nice!

Peanut & Sesame are now full grown young adults & but still very loving towards each other.  They were grooming each other in the photo.  Sesame looks very healthy although Peanut seems a little thinner.  I noticed a few small bite marks on her.  Could it be the work of a new tomcat in the neighbourhood?  I found her wheezing a little as well.  I’m worried about her.  I didn’t see the auntie around.  She was probably out for lunch.


Tua Tao on the other hand has totally forgotten me. Dashed straight for the car when he saw me coming towards him.  Only managed to get a picture of his backside.  He is handsome now, spotting a beautiful white coat!  Looks like he has recovered completely from his skin condition. 🙂


There is a beer garden now next to the regular hangout of the Peanut, Sesame, Tua Tao & any passerby cats.  This spot used to be the cats’ litter box & playground 🙂 I hope this bar owner is tolerant of the cats.


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