How to treat a cat bite

November 22, 2007

As many as 40 percent of cat bites become infected and require medical care. If you were to get bitten by a cat you should immediately clean the bite with a disinfectant and monitor it closely so that it doesn’t get infected. If in doubt, always visit a doctor to be safe.

Here’s a guideline on what you should do if you are bitten (in italics are my comments):

1. Clean the wound immediately with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.  Washed the wound with water & soap but that’s about it.

2. Put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Did that.

3. Hold the wound above your heart if the bite is on your hand or arm. Oh is it? Too late.

4. Place a clean bandage over the wound. No bandage in the house.  Used a hand towel instead.

5. Assess the wound for signs of infection: unusual redness or swelling, increasing warmth in the area, red streaking, or fever. See a doctor if signs of infection develop. Experiencing pain, redness, swelling, heat in the area & I can’t straighten my arm now.  Upside, no fever.

6. Get a tetanus shot if your primary series is incomplete or if it has been more than five years since your last shot. What shot?

7. Determine the rabies vaccine status of the cat. The cat should be observed for 15 days to see if it develops signs of rabies if its vaccine status is uncertain. Oookay ….




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