Better days ahead?

November 29, 2007

The last four days had been relatively quiet in the Chaos household.  Junior & Zen seemed to be tolerating each other now.  Zen even spent the night with Alex & I last evening & I thought to myself when I woke up, that everything will alright now.

Then lo & behold, just as I was about to leave the flat, Junior jumped on Zen.  Out of nowhere. Nothing calms him down. I ended leaving Zen in the spare room by himself. 

So much for better days.  At least not yet.   🙂

Photos to come, promise.  I slack, as always.


4 Responses to “Better days ahead?”

  1. Mary said

    i suggest leave Zen in a separate room in your absence and in your presence, shower lots of love on Junior in the presence of Zen and reverse. After which, give both of them a tight hug together.

    i always give more attention to my cats and give them more treats whenever a new member arrived to ensure them that they are still special and love, and that they need not feel neglected or unwanted, that they are still special to me. Sometimes i go to the extend to explain to them why a new sibiling has arrived. It may sounds crazy but i think they do understand.

  2. vegancatsg said

    Every cat is different, every cat guardian is different. I am sure Chaoscat knows what’s best for her babies 🙂

  3. ChaosCat said

    Thanks for the advice Mary. I am learning everyday.

    And Vegancat is right, every cat is different. And so is every introduction. I learnt a long time ago there is no hard & fast rule when it comes to cats. So some introductions are short, sweet & easy and some takes a long time & a lot of patience.

    But one thing for sure, eventually the cats, even the most difficult ones will learn to tolerate the others at the very least.

    I just have to have an iron will 🙂

  4. Mary said

    Yes of course vegancat, i was just sharing my view.

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