A Zen moment …

March 23, 2008



Ying yang

March 23, 2008


Chaos’ ying yang, living in perfect harmony ….

March 23, 2008


Ruby after her breakfast

Ruby, the grand dame of the Chaos household has recently started to wheeze no reason.  I used to think it was hairball but after repeated hairball gel feeding, she still wheezes. 

I asked foster mom P this morning & she said it is ‘old cat’ symptoms.  Apparently, it is a common thing for very old cats & dogs to wheeze.  Its not asthma either.  It is just a telling sign that she is getting on with old age & I should be prepared for the worse in the months to come.

Drool …

March 14, 2008


Does your cat drool when he/she is very very happy?

Wawa has started drooling lately. When I cuddle in my arms, she would roll about in my arms, purr & then drool.  Droplets of saliva drooling down the chin.  It feels like to holding a month old baby in my arms.  Something I don’t relish to be honest.  But at least I know I’m doing something right, giving her joy 🙂


March 3, 2008

Hi all!  The break had been good. Not sure about Chaos.  Probably too much of this crazy cat mama in their face!

There is actually not much to update.  The Chaos are pretty much the same, up to their usual play & games.  With the addition of Zen, the excitement level in the household is definitely up a few notches. 

You see, Zen is not really zen after all.  We (Chaos & I) swear he is the devil reincarnate.  All those zen stuff he did before, was a PR stunt. 🙂  Since joining the household, he has successfully:

1. made firm enemies with Beauty, Carma, Junior & Wawa

2. cause injuries to Abby, my help.  He dashed, she tripped, hurt her ankle. I pay the medical bill & cleaned the flat. Thanks Zen.

3. scare the neighbours’ kids. Again he dashed out the door, headed straight for the lift, kids were just coming home from school. Loud screams. The fella dashed back, the kids followed him. Now everyone knows where we live. Great.

4. beat the crap out of Beauty’s favourite teddy bear.  I had to put the little fella ‘to sleep’.  Beauty is now teddy bearless.

5. officiated his place on my bed by wiping his dirty (& I mean DIRTY) backside on my pillow.  I had to buy a new pillow & linens.

6. beat Beauty in the heaviest cat in the house record. 

7. won every human’s heart over. Everyone who has been to my place, ADORES him.  And each time I would offer “like to take him home?” But I should be sooooo lucky.  😉

By the way I am debating if I should change his name to Mister Luci(fer). 🙂

Can I borrow your cat?

March 3, 2008

No, this is not a joke.  I wish it was. 

A co-worker asked if he can borrow one of my cats for 2 weeks.  Why? He wants his kids to play with the cats. I suggest he takes his kids to the SPCA for a few Sundays, to volunteer & expose them to the pets there.  His answer was “no way! My kids are not scooping poop! If your cat comes home with me, my maid can do that. But I only want kitten ok?”

Well then Mister, good luck in your search for a rental kitten then.

I was playing this scenario in my head over & over again over the weekend.  It is precisely because of irresponsible parents like him, too stupid to impart real values of life to their children, that our society is the way it is – ungracious, impatient, intolerant & callous regard for lives they consider lesser than theirs! 

Our Minister Mentor calls this the ‘golden era’.  Golden era my foot! More like that the stupid generations I say.