Can I borrow your cat?

March 3, 2008

No, this is not a joke.  I wish it was. 

A co-worker asked if he can borrow one of my cats for 2 weeks.  Why? He wants his kids to play with the cats. I suggest he takes his kids to the SPCA for a few Sundays, to volunteer & expose them to the pets there.  His answer was “no way! My kids are not scooping poop! If your cat comes home with me, my maid can do that. But I only want kitten ok?”

Well then Mister, good luck in your search for a rental kitten then.

I was playing this scenario in my head over & over again over the weekend.  It is precisely because of irresponsible parents like him, too stupid to impart real values of life to their children, that our society is the way it is – ungracious, impatient, intolerant & callous regard for lives they consider lesser than theirs! 

Our Minister Mentor calls this the ‘golden era’.  Golden era my foot! More like that the stupid generations I say.


6 Responses to “Can I borrow your cat?”

  1. the letter b said

    “no way! My kids are not scooping poop! If your cat comes home with me, my maid can do that. But I only want kitten ok?”

    I *weep* for the future of humankind. As if your cat is a toy or a plaything, eh, Cat? Further proof as to why home cats are abandoned – they outgrew their cute “kitten” stage.

    Any idea why PRC’s call Singaporeans stupid? Exactly. Anyway, welcome back!

  2. veganmeow said

    Borrow his children to give Zen some entertainment 🙂

  3. chomp2 said

    *Hiss!!* at your co-worker

  4. Cat said

    Hey letter b! What’s up with you? Long time no talk!

    By the way, texted you a few times. Did you change your number? Anyway, my number’s the same. Lots to catch up mate if you have the time.


  5. the letter b said

    Helloo matey 😀 Eh, cannot be leh, maybe i was monitored? Customers also had to same problem, they called and left messages. Some of which I only received hours later.

    Lots to catch up too, how about we email instead?

  6. Cat said

    Alamak! Watch your back. The boys in blue maybe hiding in the bushes!!! Hahaha

    But cannot be what … they are busy out hunting down Salamat & illegal immigrants. 😀

    Just sent you an email to the one.

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