Tying the knot

November 5, 2008

From Alex:

Well, well, well. The crazy cat lady has finally tied the knot. Technically. Her boy, who hails from the land of the Down Under decided to move his butt, possessions into our cosy little home.  That brings up the population in the House of Chaos to 8.  Wolfie doesn’t count, remember? He’s to be adopted out.

I don’t know how though.  At the rate he is growing, the amount of food he is eating, the havoc he is creating, it will take the mother of all miracles to get that boy out the door.  But miracles do happened as it seems.  Last night, Siti & her man visited him & they appear to adore him, snapping pictures of him and such.  So, if everything goes according to plan, Wolfie will be out of our lives by the first week of December.  The crazy cat lady insisted that she will get him neutered & tipped ear before he goes to his new home. Either that or no deal.

Anyway, some pictures of the crazy cat lady’s happy day with her boy in a Buddhist wedding blessing ceremony.


The wise monk imparting his words of wisdom to the boy, “from this day forth, you shall obey her.  Her wish shall be your command.  She is the master & you are her .. boy.”


And with that, they tied the knot. Get it??

img_0321And so it begins, the first wrestling match in the house of the crazies. 





4 Responses to “Tying the knot”

  1. Mary said

    Congratulation to your mummy Alex. May she live in bliss filled with love and care from your daddy. And may you and your sibilings continue to bask in the love and protection from your family.

  2. Cat said

    Thank you Mary. 🙂

  3. congrats!!! happy for you, your boy and for obama!! 😀

  4. Cat said

    Thank you AnimalFamily 🙂

    Obama! Obama! Obama!

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