Playing dead

November 8, 2008



Ying yang

March 23, 2008


Chaos’ ying yang, living in perfect harmony ….

Alex’s new bed

November 9, 2007

I went to Ikea this afternoon hoping to buy a picture frame to hang on my office wall.  I ended up buying everything else except the picture frame. 

I found a rattan bed in the pet section & I immediately thought of Ruby.  She was always sleeping either on my sofa or on the hard floor under the TV.  So I thought the bed would be ideal under the TV.  The problem is, the very second I placed the bed there, Alex ‘choped’ it. 

Now I have go back to Ikea?


Meanwhile …

October 28, 2007

Alex decides to spend the day in the land of zzzzzzzs … oblivious to the new member of Chaos



October 21, 2007

From Molly Meek


“I love that supple neck of yours.  I could nibble all night.” “Right back at ya darling”


August 11, 2007



January 23, 2007

Alex is down with a very bad case of flu. He’s a mess right now. He had been sneezing most of the night.

Suspected so. He was pretty down last week, losing interest in play, food & even free cuddles! Have put him on Vibravet & extra Vit C & monitor his condition closely. Looks like the trip to the groomers this Saturday will have to be postponed.

Picture’s very out of focus – this is what happens when I operate without caffiene ….